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Revisional Operation,Video,01:54”, 2019

This is a work based on things in daily life, how to make a metaphorical sense of things in daily life. This corresponds to the concept of the arte povera. My intention is to hide the meaning I have given to this work. I want the audience to understand in a broad sense from their own point of view.


Sometimes I don't think I'm expressing an event. I hope that my work expresses the essence rather than a single event. I believe that the audience will have more power in understanding the essence of what you want to express than in telling an event.


There are some similarities between this work and my useless use. At first, this behavior can be regarded as a kind of treatment. If every plant is treated as an individual, when the wire enters its body, we need to treat the disease and perform foreign body stripping operation on it so that it can recover. Of course, this is our human perspective, but this treatment for plants is meaningless. The meaning behind this is exactly what I want to mention.

Secondly, when we mention corrections, the first thing we think about is things that correct errors. It can be used as a political manifestation or a deep-rooted perception of what is right and wrong, or not most of the way is wrong. Of course, nothing can be connected. I often see such things, many things have been set the route, only how is right. This reflects a strong non-natural intervention. Many things have their own development without right or wrong. What's wrong is the action sender who corrects it.