Key words:Poster ,Theme,Space, Reference

This is a theme exhibition. At first we tried to determine the theme of the exhibition based on the artist's work, which made us feel difficult because the works of the five artists are very different. Finally, we determined the theme "the stranger" according to the identity of our identity, we are all from the same country and now live in a foreign land. In the eyes of local people, we are strangers.

The exhibition art museum was confirmed, we went to investigate the environment, the location of the art gallery has an advantage, located in the brick line.


The Outsider  Digital Photography  2018

My job is to design posters and find some related references.The design poster is still a newcomer. I don't even use some of the software at the beginning. I tried it a few times and finally found that although it was difficult, it was completed. I tried a picture as the cover of the poster and I was dissatisfied. I finally used one of my works. This work is very consistent with this theme.

Albert Camus is a French philosopher, writer and journalist. His views contributed to the rise of philosophy known as absurdism. In his article "Rebels," he wrote that his life was devoted to opposing nihilistic philosophy while still studying individual freedom. In 1957, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature at the age of 44. This is the second youngest winner in history.


This is a very famous novel "Strangers" is also published as an "outsider" to explore similar issues in the identity society.

Art gallery floor plan

This space is a long and relatively regular space. According to the space, we decided to exhibit two works per person.

This is a good opportunity. I can get a workout from the planning of an exhibition to the final exhibition, I am involved. Many of points are improved for those who don’t know or are not good at it, and not just from the perspective of the participating artists. Looking at the exhibition, we can comprehensively look at the elements of the entire exhibition and understand the exhibition from all aspects.